BLESS serves villages throughout Egypt, and devotes its service to assisting those suffering from extreme poverty and an inability to afford basic necessities

Supporting Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt

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BLESS USA is a nonprofit charity organization that extends monetary aid and support from the United States to disadvantaged Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt



Mission Statement

To raise the standard and quality of living for needy and disadvantaged Copts residing in Egypt, and to aid in alleviating their suffering.

Mission Goals

BLESS USA's activities are focused on the following to accomplish it's mission:

  1. Promote Christian concepts of love, unity, and service.
  2. Raise awareness in the United States about the conditions of needy Copts in Egypt.
  3. Build a community in the United States that supports the charity services and programs of BLESS Egypt.

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We invite you to take a few minutes to browse through our site and learn about the important work BLESS does in Egypt. According to the most recent United Nations Egypt Human Development Report, an average of 39.62% of the population of Egypt’s poorest governorates lives below the poverty line of $2/day. BLESS USA funds the work of the Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical and Social Services (BLESS) in Egypt, which administers social services to disadvantaged Copts throughout the country living below this poverty line. Since its formation in 1962, BLESS has implemented programs designed to address both the indicators and products of the extreme poverty endured by Coptic Orthodox Christians throughout Egypt. Its services range from assisting needy Copts in forming small, income-generating businesses, to critical medical assistance. Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with BLESS USA’s mission and programs


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