Support for Families

Support for Families offers broad assistance to families in dire financial need.  Families participating in this program receive monthly stipends to assist them with basic necessities, includi


Egypt’s efforts to provide resources and access to its disabled population are grossly underdeveloped.  The insurance system in Egypt is particularly limited and basic medical care is lar

Education Assistance

Recent events have drawn attention to the poor state of public education in Egypt.

Marriage Expense Assistance

In Egypt, when a couple is making marriage arrangements, it is the bride who traditionally provides some of the furnishings for the couple’s new home.  Unfortunately, there are many instances

Sudan & Emergency Relief Fund

The Brethren of the Lord who struggle to meet their daily needs are typically unable to support themselves in the aftermath of unexpected losses.  Due to high levels of poverty and unemploymen

Housing & Infrastructure

Over 42% of Egypt’s population is concentrated in small urban areas; in addition, there is a great deal of migration that occurs because of unfortunate economic circumstances such as unemployment.

Income Generating Projects

The Income Generating Projects program – oriented towards facilitating self-sufficiency – assists families through vocational and job training in an effort to contend with the significant rates of

BLESS Celebrates 44 Years

As we celebrate the 44th anniversary of BLESS, we look back and contemplate on the purposes for which this service was formed, the need for such service, and its importance in our lives.

Marriage Invitation Campaign

Getting married is an exciting and special time in the life of a young woman.

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