How does BLESS assess the need of individuals qualifying for assistance?

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The BLESS team in Egypt, led by His Grace Bishop Yolios, keeps comprehensive track of individuals who receive funds from BLESS USA. BLESS extensively investigates and verifies every case it receives for aid. A careful and thorough evaluation method is used to identify individuals in need and assess their situation:

  1. Assessment - His Grace Bishop Yolios, along with the BLESS Egypt team, meets with individuals who will receive funds from BLESS USA to determine legitimacy and need.
  2. Distribution - funds are then distributed based on need.
  3. Follow-up - individuals who receive funds are monitored in order to ensure that the funds provided are used for the purpose intended.
  4. Reassessment and update - His Grace Bishop Yolios and the BLESS Egypt team work diligently to ascertain whether the situations of individuals receiving funds from BLESS USA are deteriorating or improving. Records are then updated.
  5. Redistribution – funds may be redistributed according to the reassessment of the situation.