How can one contribute to BLESS USA?

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There are several ways one can contribute to BLESS USA:

  1. Sending a check or money order to BLESS USA at PO Box 384, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009.
  2. With a credit card or through a checking/savings account either on-line or by contacting BLESS USA.
  3. Through monthly contributions. Contributors can schedule automatic deductions from their checking accounts or credit cards. This option is available by contacting BLESS USA or on-line.
  4. Through a matching gift program.Did you know that your employer may match your contribution to BLESS USA? There are over 3,600 companies that match their employees' contributions to organizations like BLESS USA. To obtain this list, please contact BLESS USA or search for your company on-line to see if your employer participates in this program.